Thursday, March 31, 2016

Those are some nice looking forsythia! 5 to 6 foot tall. $48.00 ea.

Those are some nice looking forsythia! 5 to 6 foot tall. $48.00 ea.

“Rollie pollies” Remove Heavy Metals from Soil, Stabilizing Growing Conditions, Protecting Groundwater

Turn over a brick or a board that has been lying in the yard for a while and underneath you may find a collection of pill bugs scurrying about. Also known as “rollie pollies” or woodlice, these grey-colored creatures can be found in many dark, moist environments feeding on decaying matter. What’s interesting about these critters is that they are not bugs at all. They are crustaceans and more closely resemble crabs and shrimp, not insects. They are characterized by their ability to roll up into a ball when they feel threatened. Another unique feature is that they have seven pairs of legs. They also act like kangaroos, toting their eggs around with them in a special pouch called a marsupium, located on the pillbug’s underside. Even stranger, they don’t urinate. Instead, they exchange gases through gill-like structures. 

Pill bugs are great for gardening and composting.

Breeding or collecting pill bugs may be an important practice for homesteading and gardening. The guts of these pill bugs contain a number of microbes that help the critter feed on dead, organic matter. By releasing mass quantities of pill bugs into a mature garden, one can be assured that dead plant matter is being properly broken down and returned to healthy soil. Pill bugs literally speed up the process of decomposition. They circulate the soil. This can be very useful in composting. Treats for pill bugs include fungus and monocotyledonous leaves.
Pillbugs play an important role in the cycle of healthy plant life. They return organic matter to the soil so it can be digested further by fungi, protozoans and bacteria. This process produces a natural supply of nitrates, phosphates and other vital nutrients that plants need to thrive now and in future growing seasons. It is important not to introduce pill bugs into the garden too early, as they tend to munch on emerging plants. The grey soil workers often live up to three years.

Pill bugs clean up soil and protect ground water from heavy metal contamination.

One very unique quality that these crustaceans possess is their ability to safely remove heavy metals from soil. For this reason, they are an important tool for cleaning up soil contaminated with pollutants like lead, cadmium and arsenic. In coal spoils and slag heaps, pill bugs come in handy. They take in heavy metals like lead and cadmium and crystallize these ions in their guts. The heavy metal toxins are then made into spherical deposits in the mid gut. With this special cleanup property, pill bugs survive where most creatures can’t, in the most contaminated sites.
The magic of the pill bugs helps reestablish healthy soil and prevents toxic metal ions from leaching into the groundwater. This means pill bugs are also protecting well water from becoming contaminated while stabilizing soils.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Point, Click, and Kick Back

Shopping at W&W Nursery has just gotten even easier!
From your pocket to the yard, we are proud to announce that you can purchase your bulk hardgoods and gift cards from our website. Point, click, and kick back until your mulch, stone, soil, or gift card arrives.

The bulk goods include: Colorfast Red, Black, and Brown mulches, Premium Natural Bark, and Hemlock mulch. Stones include autumn red, firelight, #3 round, pocono river, northern round, berkshire, and maryland river. Topsoil and compost are also options.

Please keep in mind the mulch orders must be between 5 and 14 yards, and due to weight restrictions soil and stone are limited to between 3 and 5 yards.

And gift cards!

We can't make spreading mulch and soil any easier, but at least ordering is now a click away.

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The forsythia are ready to pop!

The forsythia are ready to pop!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016

We've Got Big Balls.

Root balls, that is! 

Bowhall Balls
Our trees are grown in rich river loam soil under drip irrigation and dug with a tree spade with proper sizing to ensure your investment keeps growing. 

Two Tree Spades
Here at the nursery the sun is shining and all hands are on deck. Our crew has been busily harvesting this year's trees for your landscape. We're digging all different types of ornamental and shade trees that are unlike anything you'll find at a big box store. 

So, if you're thinking of a shade or ornamental tree for your landscape this spring, visit us to reserve a tree dug especially for you.

Weeping Cherry

Sunday, March 13, 2016