Saturday, December 19, 2015

Great Gifts for Gardeners of All Ages

For the Adult Gardener in Your Life 

WW Manufacturing Square Spade -  Bar nun the greatest spade on the planet. You can do anything with it!

A new pair of gloves.  We at W&W would expect last year's gloves to be worn out and pockmarked with rips and holes. 

A pond kit. Water features have become a staple in American gardens. What better way to help local wildlife (and your soul) than to put in a pond or waterfall.

A pair of Felco pruners. Felco is the pinnacle pruner. We use it everyday at W&W. No other brand can match its durability. Seriously, It will be the last pruner you buy. 

A nice arrangement of pots to accent and enhance the garden.

For the Young Gardener in Your Life

A pair of muck boots, so the kids can play in the garden this spring and not get covered in mud. 

A small wheelbarrow. A little help goes a looooong way with a child's imagination. Give them memories of working hard in the garden, and hopefully create memories that will be there for a lifetime.

Kid's shovel. The essential tool for any gardener, no matter how old they are.

Give them the opportunity to make their own little garden. Give them a space that allows them to create and get dirty. 

A packet of seeds, so they can see the magic of nature growing before their eyes.

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