Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Gardening Trends

The gardening trend we expect to see most in 2016 is: "Syncing With Nature."

Connecting with nature for your health

Take it from us, gardening is great for your spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. This year, while spending time in your garden, be sure to inhale deeply and savor all the fresh air around you. When your hands are covered with dirt after a hard days work, think about how dirt sustains life. 

Incorporate more native plants in the garden

When planning your landscape this year, try to utilize as many plants and shrubs that are native to your area as possible. They are critical for maintaining biodiversity, which is what ensures a well-rounded environment for other plants, insects and wildlife to not only enjoy, but flourish in.

Create a hardier landscape: More trees, shrubs, and evergreens; fewer annuals.

While annuals need to be replanted yearly, using a majority of trees, shrubs and evergreen will create a landscape that will last year after year when cared for properly. An established landscape will also do wonders for your home or business' drive up appearance. 

Tiny gardens for tiny spaces.

No matter how much or how little space you have, you can create a garden best suited to your needs. There are countless DIY instructions out there for container gardens and raised beds. Get creative!

Reducing chemical use in the garden.

We recommend using as many natural gardening products in your landscape as possible. While chemical treatments might seem to be more efficient, they are actually more harmful to our environment in the long-run. Using natural products will protect your plants without causing unnecessary harm to their surroundings. 

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