Friday, May 6, 2016

Water-Saving Tips For The Lawn And Garden

As a gardener, I know the challenges of keeping both your garden plants and lawn looking their best. This can be especially difficult if you live in a region where water is scarce or heat is a factor, as I do. So how do you maintain a healthy landscape in such extremes? Simple. You need to practice a few water-saving tips along with the right tool for the job.

When you begin a garden or landscape design, it’s important to plan carefully. Don’t jump the gun and start planting whatever you like simply because it’s pretty. After all, looks will fade in time, especially when not suited for the area you put them in. So do your research and choose native plants for your region as well as drought tolerant ones that don’t require as much watering. Don’t forget the mulch – this will greatly reduce your watering needs, as it helps retain moisture.

Likewise, choose your planting area wisely. If your garden is located in full sun, you’ll need plants that are adapted for intense heat. Wind-prone areas rely on plants that handle both the harsh swaying and drier conditions. And whenever possible, use those shady areas. There are many plants that tolerate shade and look good too. Even better, they generally require less watering. When it comes to your lawn, look at its size. If you have a large expanse of unused grass, which requires a lot of water, consider dialing it down some by substituting with other alternatives like drought tolerant ground covers or even hardscape.

To make the most of irrigation in the landscape whenever you do water, opt for early morning to prevent moisture loss through evaporation. Of course, sometimes that’s not possible so late afternoon works in a pinch. But avoid sprinklers, as these rarely penetrate the ground. Instead, use soaker hoses if you can. In lieu of this, a good, water efficient hose will do, watering deeply. Get rid of that leaky, water squirting hose you’ve had for years. You might want to consider using a retractable hose reel too.

I’m not a big person, so lugging around a long, heavy water hose is too much of a chore. Using a retractable hose reel, like that from Hoselink, solves this problem. They’re easy to manage, they look better (no messy hose laying around) and no kinks to worry with. These durable hose reels mount easily where you need them and stay there. And the retractable hoses lock in place when you’ve reached your spot, but continue on with a slight tug as you move further on. And when you’re finished, there’s an automatic rewind – no more dragging or winding the hose up.

Best of all, there’s more than one retractable hose reel to choose from depending on your specific watering needs. So with a few simple watering tips and the right tool, maintaining a healthy lawn and garden is more than possible!

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