Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Explore the Benefits of Raised Beds

Fewer weeds and easier weed control
Better water retention
Better drainage than New York’s hardpan
Greater growing depth for plants
Warmer soil earlier in the season, and warmer soil for a longer season
Relatively neutral and sterile soil
Less soil erosion
Offers a non-compacted soil (not walked on!)
Reduces the need to use poor native soil
Offers a chance to go all the way around the bed, for less wear and tear on the body
Can produce 1.4–2 times more vegetables per square foot
Provides a gardening opportunity for the handicapped or similarly disabled
Can be used for any plants, including ornamentals, vegetables and fruits

Optimal widths are 3–4 feet, with lengths up to 20 feet.
Wood, rock, or concrete blocks can be used.
Optimal height is 8–24 inches.
A foundation of rubble can be advantageous to aid in drainage.
Soil should be enriched with fair amounts of com- post. 
Space plants in geometric patterns to decrease the number of weeds that can grow.
Companion planting is encouraged!

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